Industrial handling

SHL sets itself the ambitious goal to become an important player at national level in the field of «technological handling».

This Business unit includes the positioning, assembly and handling services in which the Company has specific skills who guarantee the final customer performance of quality excellence in compliance with safety standards.

The core activities of the division are focused on:

  • Handling of heavy and oversize units inside large construction yard;
  • Support for the modularization process, for the transport, jacking and skidding of module for plant;
  • Petrochemical and off-shore (lifting and transport of columns / reactors, lifting and translation of modules);
  • Lifting and installation of modules and heavy part up to several houndred tons;
  • Machinery and components loading test, weighing of industrial structures and Oil & Gas platform modules.

Study of the activity

To carry out the activities required by the customer (technical study, simulations, etc.) have to be verified all several solutions.

Study of the necessary equipment

The necessity of trucks and equipment is verified in accordance with the technical study carried out, identifying the internal availability or the need for external supply.

Quotation of the project

The quotation shall be drawn up on the basis of the outline feasibility study submitted by the previous phases.

Specific Feasibility

The final project is developed, the schedule of all activities is planned and therefore operational plan is defined.

Preparation of the equipment

Begins the preparation of all the necessary equipment and the setup of the transport trucks to be used.

Performance of the service

Positioning, assembly and handling services are performed.


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