SHL originates from the ten-years’ experience of its board members and of its management which led to the acquisition of highly specialized and trained staff able to handle prestigious projects.

The union and the synergy of these experiences and the constant search of engineering solutions have created have created a very high level of expertise on handling and project forwarding sectors.

The constant and tireless search of our enginnering team has led SHL to achieve the most innovative solutions during the study phase of the project, to offer a truly turnkey service in every management and coordination step of the project.

Our focus is the search of specialisation.

Our mission is the study of customized solutions on specific needs. We start from engineering step studying specific territories to activate the most suitable partnership with the goal of providing quotation with excellent cost efficiency also at the offer step.



Worldwide shipment, on demand industrial packaging, stuffing into container and items storage, industrial and civil installations…


Lifting and handling activities with high technology content through the assistance of specialized technicians for Oil&Gas industry, petrochemical, automotive, iron/steel and port.



Since the first quotation, Engineering office supports commercial department in choosing the best technical solutions and the most appropriate equipment, considering related costs and all the safety, quality, reliability aspects of the service provided.

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